5 reasons it’s never been easier to buy fake ID’s

Whether you want to fool your buddies by showing off a fake ID, or have just always wanted one – The question where to buy fake ID’s literally has never been easier than it is today. Gone are the days of photocopying and barcode replication. Today, Fake ID’s are sophisticated, and have created their very own market.


Check out five reasons why now is the best time on record to buy fake ID’s:


  1. High technology allows creating real hologram ID’s
    The history of fake ID’s stretches all the way back to dorm room printers and laminate machines, but today reproductions include even the smallest details offered up by real ID’s. As technology has gotten better, there are more sites on the internet that provide realistic ID’s within a short time. If you want a real looking fake ID card, there’s never been a better time to be in the market.
  2. It’s Affordable
    Not only are the ID’s offered through for-profit websites amazingly life-like, they can also be extremely affordable. For as little as USD 69.99 you can snatch up a real looking and difficult to spot fake ID that will make all your friends believers.
  3. It’s Legal (under certain conditions)
    As long as the ID doesn’t replicate a state ID or a license, it’s 100% legal in most locations. The key here is that the ID isn’t used for buying alcohol, trying to get into a bar or club, or for other illegal purposes. They are strictly to be used for recreational purposes. But you might as well have a little fun by making the one you buy as realistic as possible!
  4. It’s easy to order within a few clicks
    All you have to submit your data and upload a pic. Through UFakeIDS.com, for example, all you have to do is upload a clear image of you and you’re in business. You don’t have to cut, paste, or laminate anything! Fake-ID does it all for you and you’re guaranteed to be happy with the outcome.
  5. Fast & Reliable Online Customer Support
    You’re no longer on your own hoping to come up with a quality fake ID card. Sites like Fake ID.de offer free support should you have any questions about your ordering, the process, or what you’re final ID will look like.


So why not experiment with the fake ID craze for yourself? Now that they are life-like, you’ll be able to fool even you’re most skeptical friend into believing that your ID is real. Use the comment function to tell us your reasons!