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Were you turned away by the security at your favorite club once again? No matter how much you spend and how hard you try, you cannot get a “spontaneous” fake ID? Don’t be upset or disappointed, www.ufakeids.com is ready to solve your problem for you! Our fake IDs guarantee entrance to almost all of the bars, clubhouses, liquor stores and more.

You deserve to party hard with your friends. Do not let a 6’4″ security guy at a entrance decide whether you have the right fake IDs look extremely similar to an original, that they even pass the black light test! High-end features like holograms, magnetic stripe, barcodes, microprinting are the secret behind the success our infamous fake IDs.

We take all necessary precautions to avoid any legal issues that can arise during the delivery. During our extremely successful 5 years of existence, we have helped out thousands of eager individuals like you to enjoy life to its fullest. We offer undetectable fake IDs for a surprising rate. However, by teaming up with your fellow buddies you can earn your high quality fake ID for a much lower price.

How do I know you’re legit and won’t scam me?

Because we’re fucking awesome! We are word of mouth business, you most likely heard of us from a friend or other places. We are reliable vendor you can trust, and we’re determined to provide people good condition fake id card that scan!

W, MoneyGram,BTC,Paypal?

Yes. We accept W,U, Remitly,BTC,Paypal,Venmo

What states can you make right now?

This is always changing, please check our order form! But we will always have old New York, Minnesota, and Colorado available!

Can I edit my order after I submitted?

Sure, you can always make changes in the tracking system as long as you have not paid yet! After that, it’s finally, and you will not be reimbursed if you made a mistake.

What kind of photo should I upload?

We strongly recommend you use a digital camera against any color wall and make sure the flash is on. NO PASSPORT PHOTOS, they are not high quality, they are very small, and when you scan them they come out like crap. You are responsible for your own photo quality, we do not have time to tell 1000 customers per month to change their photos!

Should I use my real information or fake information?

Real ones are better. You would get in more trouble if you used a fake name.

Will it pass if a cop see’s it?

Sometimes yes, but don’t be stupid. Why push your luck. Avoid all places with cops at the door.

Do your ID’s have Holograms?

Yes, all IDs have a very similar Hologram.

Are your IDs scannable everywhere?

Yes, everywhere. Any scanner that any bouncer or store uses. Although there are some new advanced box scanners hitting the market (not common at all yet) that are high resolution scanners that we cannot beat yet. We are not responsible if it doesn’t scan at one of these higher end places. Try to avoid scanners that look like image scanners. Use only barcode scanners.

What is your success rate out of state and instate?

This really varies between each customer, how old or young you look, your confidence, your swagger, etc… Out of every 1000-2000 customers we ship per month, we maybe get 1-10 dissatisfied customers TOPS. That’s less than 1% of customers, and they’re probably the young ones using them in state. We have great success instate, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Out of state, definitely close to 100% success. In state depending on you, up to 95%.

What is the average timeframe from purchase to receiving your product?

The average is 7-14 business days if you choose FREE shipping, just because USPS First Class is always so random. We try to ship your order within 7 business days or less. So if you order Tuesday, we make sure it’s SHIPPED no later than the next Tuesday, obviously we’re talking worst case scenarios. If you choose Priority, you should receive within 2-5 business days from the time we ship.

Do I have to worry about Customs?

Don’t worry. All packages will be packed in safe and low-profile boxes, to get pass the possible inspections from custom; You’ll get a tracking number, please make sure check your email and find the tracking information in it.

Can you ship products outside of the USA.


If I order today, and pay rush and Express shipping, can I get it tomorrow?

Absolutely not, you will be shipped Express when we get you shipped out. Rush production puts you in the front, but doesn’t guarantee your ID will be made tomorrow or the next day.

I need within a certain time frame, can you do that?

It always depends on our queue in line, we can never guarantee how long it will take, so if you need something fast, you’re going to have to pay rush production and express shipping. This still does not mean you will get it right away, even with rush production, there is NO GUARANTEE when you will get it. Most customers receive within 10 business days.

How will I know it’s shipped?

You will get an email once your order has been shipped, there is no need to hassle us in the ticket system.

How discreet is your shipping?

Very discreet, there is nothing suspcious about our packages, and of course we do not mention our company name.

Can I ship to a college?

Yes, of course.

If I order and pay today, how long will it take?

That all depends on how backed up we are, but on average, 7-19 business days. We always aim for faster.

What payment methods do you accept?

W U ,BTC,Paypal,Venmo,Remitly

I want to get a Fake ID as the same state I live in

Our customers have about a 95% success rate using our ID’s instate. But we don’t recommend using them instate. So if you purchase instate and it’s taken away, it’s not our fault.