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We really love music, and these are the tracks we really, really love. Check out our Fake ID Playlist – Volume 2. All of these songs have been hand picked by the real humans who work at We hope you enjoy them!



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5 reasons it’s never been easier to buy fake ID’s

Whether you want to fool your buddies by showing off a fake ID, or have just always wanted one – The question where to buy fake ID’s literally has never been easier than it is today. Gone are the days of photocopying and barcode replication. Today, Fake ID’s are sophisticated, and have created their very own market.


Check out five reasons why now is the best time on record to buy fake ID’s:


  1. High technology allows creating real hologram ID’s
    The history of fake ID’s stretches all the way back to dorm room printers and laminate machines, but today reproductions include even the smallest details offered up by real ID’s. As technology has gotten better, there are more sites on the internet that provide realistic ID’s within a short time. If you want a real looking fake ID card, there’s never been a better time to be in the market.
  2. It’s Affordable
    Not only are the ID’s offered through for-profit websites amazingly life-like, they can also be extremely affordable. For as little as USD 69.99 you can snatch up a real looking and difficult to spot fake ID that will make all your friends believers.
  3. It’s Legal (under certain conditions)
    As long as the ID doesn’t replicate a state ID or a license, it’s 100% legal in most locations. The key here is that the ID isn’t used for buying alcohol, trying to get into a bar or club, or for other illegal purposes. They are strictly to be used for recreational purposes. But you might as well have a little fun by making the one you buy as realistic as possible!
  4. It’s easy to order within a few clicks
    All you have to submit your data and upload a pic. Through, for example, all you have to do is upload a clear image of you and you’re in business. You don’t have to cut, paste, or laminate anything! Fake-ID does it all for you and you’re guaranteed to be happy with the outcome.
  5. Fast & Reliable Online Customer Support
    You’re no longer on your own hoping to come up with a quality fake ID card. Sites like Fake offer free support should you have any questions about your ordering, the process, or what you’re final ID will look like.


So why not experiment with the fake ID craze for yourself? Now that they are life-like, you’ll be able to fool even you’re most skeptical friend into believing that your ID is real. Use the comment function to tell us your reasons!

How to find a trusted fake id рrоvidеr online

Intеrnеt frаud has аffесtеd thе Wоrld Widе Wеb ѕinсе the initiаl арреаrаnсе of thе Intеrnеt and crooks use сlеvеr ѕсhеmеѕ to dеfrаud millions оf people еvеrу year. Criminаl mindѕ can rеасh these dауѕ furthеr than bеfоrе and find wауѕ to duрliсаtе every оriginаlitу thеrе iѕ without an actual delivery. So, be sure, out of ten fraudulence providers on thе Internet, you will find only one trusted fаkе id provider.


Thuѕ, whilе ѕоmе of uѕ like fаkе-id.dе or аrе hеrе on the Internet tо hеlр getting an еаѕу access to the production оf уоur fаkе ID’s, оthеrѕ are juѕt hаnging аrоund tо scam уоu so and you have to wаtсh оut! Wе muѕt not fоrgеt that thеir main tаrgеt iѕ always your mоnеу аnd thеrе iѕ nоthing thеу won’t dо in ассоmрliѕhing their mission.


Nоw, since ѕоmе fake id ѕсаmѕ аrе so wеll оrgаnizеd and соnvinсing, аnd thе реорlе bеhind ѕо diffiсult to саtсh, wе nееd to do a good research before purchasing a fake id card.


Quick check before you buy a fake ID:

    1. Dо nоt ever buy a fake ID саrd frоm a mеѕѕаgе board роѕt (Youtube & Co.), this iѕ always a scam


    1. Dо not рау for a fаkе id with Bitсоin  or other anonymous payment options (unless you have to or you know that the provider is legit


    1. Do not only buy a template (it is worthless unless you posses the actual equipment to produce them properly)


    1. Check if the provider has a website with an active SSL certification


    1. Check if the providers’ website is on a free (not good!) or paid (good!) host


    1. Check if the provider has proper contact details that are legit


  1. Do a good provider research and find/read their reviews


So, if you have еvеr thought оf buуing a fаkе-id, then we’d recommend you to visit the trusted fake id provider / shop => . UFakeIDs is the оriginаl lеаding online store responsible for making brilliant and legal fаkе Id’ѕ. Bаѕеd in America, with timеlу wоrldwidе dеlivеrу and lots of original reviews and success stories.


How Getting A Fake ID Will Open Up Your World

Everything is great being young. The laziness of life ahead of you with little to no responsibility, tight vibrant skin, volumes and editions of friends. The only downside sometimes was being too young. When we’re young we dream of being old, when we’re old we dream of being young. But other than a time machine and the use of teleportation, age is an inevitable constant we have no control of. Fortunately though, fake ID’s allow you to pretend to be any age you want to be, for whatever reason.


UFake ID’s are a journey every teenager will go through as part of the initiation of life. Where you test the boundaries of what is possible and question those who restrict you to adventure and fun. Fake ID’s sound like some kind of myth, some holy grail you once heard someone’s older brothers friends brothers brother used.


The fake ID’s of are a legal and acceptable way to limit the burden of regret for missing out opportunities where you would have otherwise been turned away.


Getting Into Clubs and Bars

Fake ID’s have successfully got the underage person seeking fun and honest mischief into bars and clubs across the globe. Because not everyone is blessed with hitting puberty early in life and boasting a six-foot-five frame and a thick grizzly beard from school. Even if she doesn’t think it’s flattering for a young girl to have so much facial hair, she can walk into any establishment without question. A good quality fake ID is the equivalent of a strap-on beard or a push-up bra.


The Dating Game

It is not easy to impress someone you fancy. Especially if they are of a different age to you. If you are younger wanting to date someone older, or older wanting to date someone younger, if you don’t look the part, the other person is going to be suspicious.


It’s ok to tell an innocent lie to someone on a first meeting because first impressions count, and it is quicker and easier to show them proof of your age comparison which then puts them at ease and allows you time to show them your personality, which they can then reject. Which is more painful, yes, but the fake ID got you the opportunity.


Respect that person by buying a fake ID to deceive them into getting to know who you are below the surface. Present it at a natural moment in conversation and they’re none the wiser. In fact, they probably have a fake ID to appear younger. Everyone’s doing it.


Car Rental

The problem with car rentals is that you might have a driving license and be legal to drive, but to rent a car from a firm you need to be anything from 18-23 depending on the country. But why allow such a silly rule get in the way of ruining a trip to the US sun is roasting the tarmac and melting the cacti that line the road?

A scene where you are toples with your buddies with music blaring from the stereo and the top down on the convertible you leased from the rental firm with your fake ID. You’re a hero to your friends for making this road tripping adventure a reality. None of this would have been possible without that fake-ID you bought. Yes you may be old enough to drive in your own country, but america is a different beast and a wild dream.


Fake ID for the Elderly

There is no ageism when it comes to fake-ID’s. We can be at any period of the human life stream to need to not be our real age. This applies to the older generations. Yes, you may the wrinkles of wisdom and the distinguished grey hairs of grandeur, but sometimes as a 55 year old you want to enter into an under-45’s badminton tournament.


No Limits to a Fake ID

You may also be a young kid who despises the contemporary life you were born into. Fate has dealt you an unfortunate hand which sees you living in the fast paced technological times, when who you believe yourself to be a child of the 1940’s. And as most teenagers want to get into the hottest club in town, you’re waiting nervously in line to get into an over 60’s bingo night. It is a lot harder as a seventeen year old to convince someone you’re sixty-four than it is eighteen. A fake ID will help convince the doorman of the bingo hall, but you’ll have to find your own reasons for your seemingly eternal youthful looking skin.


There are possibilities hold for any person of any age with access to a fake ID and it’s not about breaking the law, but about finding opportunities and grabbing them. You can’t regret having a fake-id, but you can regret not knowing what could have happened if you did.